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Hi there,

My name is Jon Mahoney, welcome to my website. I am a UK dentist who qualified in July 2009 from Bristol Dental School. Following the compulsory Vocational Training year, I personally felt that I had been jumping through hoops since the age of 15 to get to where I was and at that point I could now decide what direction I wanted to go in.

I had 3 options:

1) Stay in practice
2) Work in a hospital setup
3) Work abroad

Whether you are just finishing your VT year, nearing retirement or anywhere inbetween, I am here to give you free advice about working and living in New Zealand as a dentist. It is a huge decision and it takes a lot of courage and planning, but it is most definitely worth it.

I took the plunge and moved to a beautiful place called Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty on 6th September 2010.  I have no regrets about moving there, the experiences I had greatly outweighed any sense of guilt or sorrow for leaving my family and friends.

I returned to the UK on 2nd August 2012 and am now currently working in an independent practice 4 days a week in Staffordshire. In my honest opinion I believe living and working abroad has opened my eyes and made me a more employable dentist. I would encourage anybody to try living and working as a dentist in another country, especially New Zealand.

If you want any advice about:

1) Registering with the NZDC
2) Applying for work Visas
3) Where to live
4) What to do

then please visit my contact page.

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