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This website was put together by a dentist and is solely designed to help like-minded dentists. There were numerous obstacles I had to overcome before I could work abroad, and I am here to try and make those obstacles a little bit easier to get past.

Dentists are on the Essential Skills Shortage List in New Zealand, so there is always a demand for them. You should take full advantage of your skill and travel with it. I chose New Zealand because everyone that I had spoken to that had been there, recommended it. If you're considering moving to this area of the world, it's normally a toss up between Australia and New Zealand. I had no desire to move to Australia, to me it just feels like a very hot England. That may appeal to some of you, but if you want somewhere that has a slower pace of life, with beautiful scenery and beautiful people, then New Zealand is the place to live.

The scenery is absolutely stunning, the picture above is where I used to live in Mount Maunganui on the east coast of the North Island. What you can see is the extinct volcano "Mauao" that is regularly walked up and around by local Kiwis. There aren't many places in England where you can take a photograph of the ocean, a beach and an extinct volcano directly adjacent to a residential area. It certainly is a special place and a special country. 

The standard of dentistry is similar to the UK, but there is no equivalent of the NHS. All general practice is private, however, there are ways and means for the population to receive discounted treatment for certain procedures depending on their age/income. I was treating 10-15 patients/day and earning the equivalent of what my colleagues in the UK were earning, but treating 20 less patients/day.  So that might be appealing to some of you.

The down side to dentistry in New Zealand is that there are few post-graduate opportunities, and this was one of the reasons why I came back. There is only one dental school in New Zealand located on the South-East coast of the South Island. If you want to partake in any lengthy post-graduate education, I felt that the UK and Australia had better opportunities.

Again, if you want more information about dentistry in New Zealand or what it is like to live there, please e-mail me.
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